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File:Badge-welcome.pngFile:Dipper pines.pngFile:Mabel-pines.png
File:Opening twins arriving.pngFile:S1e11 gideon is angry.pngFile:S1e13 whole busload of em.png
File:S1e14 if you survive.pngFile:S1e16 dipper ia camera.pngFile:S1e16 grenda happy.png
File:S1e16 something about you.pngFile:S1e16 waddles like a cat.pngFile:S1e19 bill snap.png
File:S1e1 3 book trust no one.pngFile:S1e1 dipper hides book from mabel.pngFile:S1e1 dipper opening secret compartment.png
File:S1e1 gravity falls oregon map.jpgFile:S1e1 mabel sticking out tongue.pngFile:S1e1 norman muscle.png
File:S1e1 um what.pngFile:S1e20 mysterious figure.jpgFile:S1e2 dipper and mabel on boat.png
File:S1e2 grunkle stan fastening hats.pngFile:S1e2 mabel soos and dipper running.pngFile:S1e2 old man projector screen.png
File:S1e3 mabel figura de ceara noua.pngFile:S1e3 toby determined hands in air.pngFile:S1e3 wax figures 3.png
File:S1e4 bud talks to stan.pngFile:S1e5 robbie with guitar.pngFile:S1e5 wendy leaning on atm.PNG
File:S1e6 manly dan test.pngFile:S1e7 Pacifica Northwest.pngFile:S1e7 candy chiu.png
File:S1e9 blandin reporting.PNGFile:S2e3 Mystery Shack new.pngFile:Wiki-background

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